The Ultimate Guide To Action Camera Microphone Attachment

If you don’t have a terrific movement digital camera microphone attachment, your audio best is absolutely suffering, even in case you shoot staggering movies with a GoPro or some thing similar. Take your GoPro pictures to the subsequent stage via way of means of inclusive of crystal-clear, fantastic audio. Action cameras hardly ever have extremely good onboard mics. This is authentic of each video digital digicam to be had today.

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Best Five Action Camera Microphone Attachments

If you need to get fantastic audio, you need to search for a specialized accent that allows you to apply an outside microphone together along with your GoPro, DJI Osmo Pocket, or some other comparable digital digicam. Here are the 5 movement digital digicam microphones:

RDE Wireless GO II Microphone

RDE is a famous logo with inside the audio industry. Additionally, it in all fairness priced, so in place of being restricted to Hollywood projects, newbie and expert videographers regularly use its microphones and accessories.

The RDE Wireless Go II gadget is a tremendous alternative for speech capture, however it isn’t most effective that. Dual-channel microphones are housed in a field that weighs most effective forty five grams, making the gadget particularly transportable and easy to operate.

RDE Video Mic Pro

Surprise, surprise—some other RDE microphone. A DSLR or mirrorless digital camera could advantage greater from the bigger VideoMic Pro alternative. There isn’t any denying, however, that the sound best is suitable for recordings.

So why do I endorse this as a microphone adapter for an movement digital digicam? Well, now no longer each setup requires the microphone to be positioned atop the digital digicam.

RDE Video Mic

Not some other one again! Yes, the RDE VideoMicro is 0.33 in this listing due to the fact it’s far the precise opportunity while the VideoMic Pro is simply too large. Its shape issue is considerably greater compact than the VideoMic Pro at eight cm and forty two grams.

Even eleven though it’s large, it nonetheless has a microphone mounting attachment on the way to defend the microphone from noise. Being capable of pass the digital camera approximately with out the audio channel choosing up static noise from contacting the digital digicam or wires is beneficial for eventualities whilst you want to transport the digital digicam around.

Depending on the way you connect the microphone, the accompanying windshield might also additionally hinder the digital digicam. However, it’ll reduce wind noise. You need to be privy to this.

Professional Sennheiser MKE four hundred

The Sennheiser Professional MKE four hundred weighs greater than three hundred grams and measures thirteen cm, making it the most important movement digital digicam microphone attachment in this listing.

Professional Sennheiser MKE 2 hundred Microphone

Returning to the diminutive, the Sennheiser Professional MKE 2 hundred is the smaller cousin. With a shotgun microphone as soon as greater, this 113-gram tool is higher applicable for tiny digital digicam setups.

How to Install Action Mic in Camera Microphone: Demo


I desire this statistic has assisted you in finding the best movement digital digicam microphone attachment to your digital digicam. I decide on a valid gadget this is as small because the GoPro that I am using.

Therefore, due to their size, I’d be much more likely to pick the VideoMic or MKE 2 hundred alternatives. In any case, buying an additional microphone for an movement digital digicam is an extremely good manner to enhance the manufacturing price of your videos. After all, audio is critical for immersing the spectator. Thank you for analyzing this article.

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