The A – Z Of How To Escape Prison In Bitlife

How To Escape Prison In BitLife – Life Simulator is a mobile game that is becoming increasingly popular. The only reason people will switch to BitLife in 2022 is because of its mini-games. BitLife contains a plethora of mini-games that will keep you entertained for hours.

There is a mini-game in BitLife that requires players to escape from all prisons. Those who have played BitLife must be aware of how difficult it is to escape prison in the game, which is why a large number of players have recently asked numerous questions about BitLife prison escape.

Escape Prison In Bitlife

A mini-game in BitLife requires players to escape from all prisons. Those who have played BitLife will be familiar with how difficult it is to escape prison in the game, which is why many gamers have recently inquired about BitLife prison escape.

There are three types of prisons in BitLife: minimum, medium, and maximum. It should be noted that each prison map is unique. If you’re in one of low or medium prisons, you can simply escape, but if you’re in the maximum prison, you’ll have to work hard to get out.

Notably, if you are caught attempting to flee from jail in BitLife, you will be sentenced to a few extra years for the offense “Tried to Flee.”

How to escape the in-game Prison in BitLife Simulator

Escape from the prison in Bit Life Simulator is not as simple as it appears. If you are apprehended by the Prison Guard in the middle of your escape attempt, your sentence will be increased by a few years. Because each time you fail to escape from jail, more years are added to your sentence.

Escape Prison In Bitlife

For every move you make, the Prison Guard will make two. As a result, you must exercise extreme caution while attempting to flee jail. But it’s not as difficult as it appears. Escape the prison in the game is simple with a few simple tricks and tactics.

Tricks To Escape Prison In Bitlife

There is a simple trick you must use here. The trick is to confuse the prison guard with your movements. You must find a way to fool him and block him in the checkerboard maze’s walls so that he cannot move and chase you any further.

Escape Prison In Bitlife

Every checkerboard contains three-sided boxes, which will be your primary target in luring the Prison Guard into that location. Take note that the guard always moves towards you and in a horizontal direction. So think about your next steps and plan them out.

Various Checkboards

At different times, Simulator provides different checkerboard or layouts. Those are completely random, and you have no control over them. Some prison layouts are difficult to escape from, while others are relatively simple. To make things easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of all the prison layouts and their solutions below. Don’t forget to look them over

Escape Prison In Bitlife

Map Legends in Jail BitLife

  • Star: Where are you going to begin
  • Arrow: indicates the direction you should be moving in when that line intersects.

BitLife Prison in Ribbons

There are more than one precise ribbons that gamers can earn with the aid of using getting out of jail as well, that means that escaping those prison maps may be each amusing and profitable in-game. The ribbons may also reap with the aid of using breaking out of the prison listing below, along side commands on a way to do so.

Jailbird Ribbon Prison in BitLife

  • Escape effectively from jail as a minimum 3 or 4 times
  • Age up whilst sitting in cell.
  • Doing so will earn you the Jailbird Ribbon.

Houdini Ribbon Prison in BitLife

  • Go to jail and adequately get away some times.
  • Level up and age until you’re on your 60s.
  • Rob homes and get arrested for the robbery.
  • Go lower back to jail.
  • Escape with out elevating an alarm.
  • Repeat some times

Are a few Prison escapes in BitLife impossible?

BitLife jail maps can now and again make it appear hard to get away, specially in case you discover your self in a Maximum Security zone. However, each map has a manner for each participant to get out.

There will three aspect packing containers or partitions on every map, so all it takes is a touch little bit of concept and manipulation. Use those partitions to imprison or as a minimum postpone the guards so that you can get away.

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