How To Grow Dragon Fruit In Islands? Complete Guide

This manual will can help you realize how to grow dragon fruit in islands. You ought to observe the easy steps on this manual to get it. To get the dragon food, you may want to visit the hub and chat with a seed merchant. In the merest shop, you need to scroll down, and you’ll discover dragon fruit seeds, so you have to shop for 5 of them after which head lower back on your island.

How to Grow Dragon Fruit in Islands?

Harvesting to Grow Dragon Fruit in Islands

A dragon fruit vine yields 1 – 4 dragon fruits, 1 dragon fruit seed, and 27 Farming XP when harvested (108 XP with the 4x daily bonus). The player’s Farming level and VIP game pass owners have a better chance of getting more than one dragon fruit per plant. Extra dragon fruit seeds are not available.


A dragon fruit totem collects and replants dragon fruits in a three-block radius, which can then be collected by interacting with it. When a dragon fruit totem is placed near a conveyor belt, the dragon fruits fall onto the conveyor. However, this method will not produce additional dragon fruit seeds.

You can most effectively plant the dragon fruit seed on a trellis, so that you need to discover a trellis and get them. After that, plant 3 seeds, and you’ll see that they appear just like different seeds due to the fact they have an equal layout and feature an inexperienced color. You ought to wait till the dragon fruit is completely grown, as proven in the photograph below.

Dragon Fruit Growth Time

TypeGrowth Time
Normal 3m 15s
Fertilized2m 36s
Watered2m 36s
Water + Fertilized2m 17s
Dragon Fruit Growth Time

When the seeds are ready, you may harvest them to get dragon fruit, and you’ll get one or dragon culmination as a minimum in keeping with the harvest. There is a brand new recipe that you may additionally get with the harvest so that you want to faucet over to the cooking table. Hence, you want to scroll down, and you’ll discover dragon fruit ice cream and make every ice cream; you want to apply one dragon fruit, as proven inside the photograph below.

Usage of Dragon Fruit in Islands

NameRecipeCrafting Station
Dragon Fruit Acai BowlDragon Fruit
Cooking Table
Food Processer
Dragon Fruit Ice creamDragon Fruit
Star Fruit
Milk Bucket
Cooking Table
Food Processer
Usage of Dragon Fruit in Islands

To craft the ice cream, you want to have one dragon fruit, a one-famous person fruit, 3 blueberries, and one milk bucket. When you craft one, it’ll provide you with dragon fruit ice cream, which you may promote to the bakers for forty-5 points. When you get fruit, you may promote it for some coins, and additionally, there may be a brand new flower that you can’t purchase from the florist, so those plants will routinely spawn on your island.

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