How to get to Castle Darkmoor

Welcome to Castle Darkmoor! Entry is restricted. Wizards with a level of 100 or higher may enter if they dare. Are you looking for a challenge? Then you’ll like Darkmoor. Bring your favorite tanking wizards and plenty of free time for this adventure.

Castle Darkmoor dungeon has several levels, but thankfully, we don’t have to complete them all at once. Darkmoor has three sigils: Castle Darkmoor, Upper Halls, and the Graveyard. As we progress, teleportals appear in Darkmoor to allow us to travel faster to the sigils. If you’re facing the entrance to Castle Darkmoor, they’re on the left.

Castle Darkmoor Guides

Hence, this Guide includes instructions and strategies for the following:

  • Battle 1 Howling Chaney Part 1 The Castle Darkmoor (Lower Halls)
  • And in Part 1: Battle 2, (lower Halls) Battle of Sir Blackwatter
  • The final room is the Puzzle Room.

Cheats for Castle Darkmoor (Lower Halls) – Part 1 – Battle 1

Howling Chaney Battle

  • Heals will cause the caster to be attack by a Gnome.
  • Every two rounds, the boss will be given a life spear.
  • Every two rounds, life traps are thrown.
  • Spirit defuse is cast by the Balance mob.
  • Balance mobs can also cast tri blades.

Strategy for Castle Darkmoor Battle 1

  • Choose a batter.
  • Then choose which two players will blade the team’s hitter with Tri-Blades and single blades while also feinting the boss. (These blades will include trained blades, treasure card blades, pet blades, sharpening blades, and so on.) 3 feints must be on boss by the third or fourth round.
  • The team hitter must blade himself for three rounds. In the fourth round, the HIT.
  • Up to four rounds, the team healer blades and heals as needed.

So you should have enough blades on team hitter and 3 feints on boss in three rounds. The batter should come in last. So the other team’s players can feint or blade one more time in the fourth round. When the Set-up Hitter attacks, he should use the Hit ALL Spell.

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Cheats for Castle Darkmoor (Lower Halls) – Part 1 – Battle 2

Sir BlackWater Battle

  • Since, Sir Blackwater has received a 20% pierce.
  • All blades (including pet blades) and bubbles will cause the person who casts the blade or bubble to be disarm.
  • On Rounds 1-4, Blackwater will interrupt at the end of each round to cast a sacrifice on himself, and no feints will be allowed.
  • Round 5 – Blackwater will cast a death damage bubble, followed by 45% Blade and his new shadow death spell (Call of Khrulu).
  • Feint – On Round 5, you MAY feint.
  • Rounds 5-9 – At the end of each round, Blackwater will cast an absorb on any enemy. At the start of round 10, I will cast sanctuary, guiding light, and rebirth on all of my enemies.
  • Blackwater will cast a healing current on himself at the end of each round from Rounds 10-14.
  • Round 15 has begun. Darwin, storm blade, aura, and Glowbug Squall will be cast by Blackwater (which will remove all blades).
  • Round 17 – Sacrifice on self for four rounds, no FEINTS allowed.

Strategy for Castle Darkmoor Battle 2

  • Firstly, and foremost you cannot feint the boss for the first four rounds.
  • Secondly, there are two team members. For the first four rounds, cast tri-blades and single blades on the team Hitter.
  • Round 5: One team member must feint the boss and one team member must cast SHATTER on the boss if necessary. Sir Blackwater then casts the death boost bubble. On the hitter, all team members should cast tri-blades and single blades.
  • Team HEALER must blade team hitter OR heal team for the first four rounds, then feint boss on round five.
  • For the first four rounds, Team HITTER must have a deck set up with school traps. AND, on round 5, do a Team All spell.

Last Room of Part 1 Castle Darkmoor

However, look through the book for clues. Crimson Lens Box and Neutral Destiny Leveler are the ANSWER. So, if you choose the incorrect box or leveler, a battle will ensue.

Your Battle Plan!

Blade up team hitter with 6 or so blades. Alternatively, all team members can blade themselves and hit with the Hit All Spell.

Finally, I hope this information is useful to everyone who comes here. In addition, I am a Wizard101 youtuber and intend to do more Darkmoor videos and streams. I’ll add them all here as I stream and record them. I’ll form groups to assist others in navigating Darkmoor.

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