How to Draw a Volleyball? Step By Step Guide.

to draw a Volleyball? Volleyball was originally known as “Mintonette,” and it was invented in 1895 by Sir William G. Morgan. Morgan was referred to as a YMCA Springfield College graduate. He actually designed for the game to be a mix of two of basketball, baseball, tennis, and handball.

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Nonetheless, he decided to go a long way to get to where his game is now. Volleyball is considered one of the big five international sports, with 220 affiliated national federations. It also serves as the world’s largest International sporting federation.

How to Draw Volleyball Step by Step Materials?

  • Eraser
  • Black Sharpie Marker
  • Prang Crayons
  • Crayola Colored Pencils
  • Time required: 25 minutes

How to draw a Volleyball physical appearance?

When it comes to appearance, the volleyball is quite simple to draw because it is all white and has the distinct identity of having a pattern of curved bands wrapped around it.

Your children will learn how to draw a fantastic volleyball outlook as well as a three-dimensional look with the help of this tutorial. If you notice a slight shadow around those lines, you can simply trace the marker line with a light grey crayon.

How to Draw a Volleyball?

Volleyball may appear simple and easy to draw at first, but once you pick up a pencil and start drawing, you’ll actually realize they’re a little more difficult to capture on paper. But don’t worry, I’ll show you how to draw a volleyball step by step.

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Steps to Draw a Volleyball

Draw a volleyball is simple, and you don’t need any special skills or talent to do so. All you need is some practice and the necessary materials. You’ll be fine once you have these items!

Step 1: Make a circle. Make the circle as round as possible. You can use a compass for additional assistance. Make sure you only learn how to use that compass under the supervision of your parents. When you’re finished drawing your circle, draw a slightly curved line connecting the center of the ring to the perimeter line, as shown in the illustration. Next, remove another curved line similar to the one you made in the previous step.

Now Step 2: Repeat the previous step once more and then proceed!

How to Draw a Volleyball

Step 3: Draw different lines over the third line. You can have a standard idea by drawing two lines above the original line you drew in the previous step.


Step 4: Fill the space by drawing multiple lines on top of each other.

 Draw a Volleyball

Step 5: Finish your volleyball by drawing more lines. Remember to mark an equal number of lines in each section.

 Draw a Volleyball

Finally Step 6: We’re almost finish with how to draw a volleyball! All you have to do now is color your fantastic volleyball.

How did time take to complete a volleyball?

According to our estimates, drawing a volleyball should take between 25 and 40 minutes. However, with consistent practice and sessions, your timespan will gradually decrease.


However, if you’re wondering what the most difficult part oh how to draw drawing a volleyball will be, the answer is the process of drawing a circle!

On the other hand, if you repeatedly draw a circle or use a compass, your young artists trained to create amazing rings on their own!

You can always check the correctness and proportionality of your volleyball drawing by looking at it in the mirror or moving away from it from a safe distance. I hope you like this article. Thank you!

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