How to clean a Blackstone Griddle? Step By Step Guide.

A Blackstone griddle is necessary if you want to expand your outdoor cooking capabilities beyond grilling.

Blackstone, a well-known brand of griddles, has a steel cooking surface made of iron and carbon that can be used to cook hamburgers and bratwurst as well as pancakes, scrambled eggs, and hash browns.

The majority of outdoor griddles are powered by portable propane tanks and range in size from small camping units to massive griddle surfaces that can feed up to 20 people.

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When Should You Clean a Blackstone Griddle?

Before using a new Blackstone griddle or any griddle for the first time, clean and season it to remove any dust, grime, and residue left over from the manufacturing process.

After using the griddle for the first time, it’s best to clean and season it properly after each use.

Instructions You Need to Clean Blackstone Griddle

Once the griddle has been assemble, start with a cold surface and follow these steps before using a new Blackstone griddle or any griddle for the first time.

1. Create a Cleaning Solution for Blackstone Griddle

Fill a bucket halfway with hot water (about one or two gallons). Stir in a couple of squirts of good dishwashing liquid to thoroughly combine.

2. Cleaning the Cooking Surfaces

Wring out a microfiber towel after dipping it in the cleaning solution. Scrub all of the cooking surfaces thoroughly, and try to rinse the towel in the cleaning solution as you cover the entire surface.

Instructions You Need to Clean Blackstone Griddle

3. Cleaning and drying the cooking surface

The cleaning solution empty from the bucket and replaced with fresh hot water. Wipe down the cooking surface with a microfiber cloth dipped in clean water to remove any soap.

After the surface is suds-free, carefully dry the Blackstone griddle with a dry towel. Allow the griddle to dry completely before attempting to season it.

Prepare the Cooking Surface

However, seasoning the steel of the Blackstone griddle surface is not as simple as it sounds; no spice are require.

Seasoning your griddle simply involves bonding oil to the steel to create a nonstick surface for cooking and to help prevent rust formation.

To coat the griddle, use two to three tablespoons of vegetable oil (corn, canola, flax, olive, or solid shortening).

Spread the oil with a paper towel and rub it all over the griddle, including the sides and back rim. Turn the griddle burners to high.

Allow the temperature to remain high for 10 to 15 minutes, or until the oil begins to smoke. As the oil bonds to the steel, the griddle will discolor.

How Do I Clean a Griddle After I’ve Used It?

How Do I Clean a Griddle After I've Used It?
  • Allow the Blackstone griddle to cool after cooking. We don’t want any burnt fingers!
  • Wipe down the surface with a paper towel after scraping it with a metal spatula or scraper.
  • A dishcloth can be used, but it will become greasy;
  • Pour some water onto the griddle while it’s still warm to loosen stuck-on food. The hot water will make it easier to remove the tougher residue.
  • Gently rub the surface with a Blackstone griddle Scouring Pad.
  • Using paper towels, blot the water away.
  • Using a soft cloth, gently dry it.
  • Between uses, apply a layer of oil (Blackstone Seasoning & Cast Iron Conditioner or Blackstone Non-Stick Cooking Spray are recommend)

Safety Tips In Kitchen

  • When you’re cooking, don’t let the kids play with the griddle. Any family gathering can be ruin by burn fingers or worse. So, if you have small children, keep the griddle under adult supervision at all times.
  • Keep no plastic bags, containers, or other flammable materials near the griddle. This could cause a fire.
  • Cook in a well-ventilated outdoor space. This is for your safety in case of any unnoticed propane leaks.
  • Stop cooking if you smell gas and cover the propane tank with a damp cloth. Call 911 if you believe you are in danger.


You just prepared an incredible meal for a large group of people. Everyone also please with the delicious food, and it couldn’t get any better.

However, or perhaps you just finished dinner with the family at the campsite and are ready to sleep. But you can’t just cook your meals and leave the Blackstone Griddle alone.

You must follow some procedures that, we promise, are easy enough. If you do not maintain your grill, it will rust, chip, flake, and eventually lose its nonstick surface. Grills made of Blackstone are built to last a lifetime.

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