5 ways to troubleshoot if Slack is blurring images

With an increasing number of workers in the sector working remotely, Slack is a godsend for staying in touch with coworkers. It is on hand even for groups that work within the same office.

But Slack would only sometimes work seamlessly, and you could experience, for example, uploaded snapshots that can be inexplicably blurry for yourself and others.

Of course, there are some reasons why this could happen, so here are 5 of the best methods for removing blurry images in Slack.  If your images in Slack are blurry, you have five options for troubleshooting and connecting them they are following:

1. Restart your Device

Restart your Device

If your Slack snapshots are blurry, the first thing you should do is restart the device on which you’re walking Slack, whether it’s your laptop, laptop, phone, or tablet.

Continuing to use your device confirms that it truly is in memory and offers Slack and different apps the chance to begin fresh. It’s speedy and smooth to perform a restart, so it is an incredible beginning region for troubleshooting.

If you want a refresher, here is how to restart a Windows laptop, a Mac laptop, and an iPhone. Most Android phones can be turned off by holding the power button for several seconds, or by swiping down from the top of the display to see the shortcuts panel and tapping the energy icon. 

2. Check your connection Speed

Check your connection Speed

One of the least surprising reasons that your pictures are not sharp and clean is that Slack cannot render them nicely due to a community connection or net velocity problem.

The simplest way to make certain your machine is connecting well to the net and is speedy enough is to run Google’s online speed test.

Open an internet browser on your laptop or mobile device and make sure your web speed is no slower than 5 Mbps. If it is slower than that, contact your Internet service provider to ensure there is no connectivity issue. 

Make certain your Internet connection is dependable and speedy enough.

3. Check Slack’s System Status

Check Slack's System Status

While Slack is a dependable provider, and you can count on it to be operating nicely, it is feasible that there may be a problem at Slack’s end of the community connection that is causing blurry pictures or different issues.

To discover it, open Slack’s machine reputation webpage in a browser (it would not need to be at the tool). It truly is experiencing blurry pictures, and you can spot if there are any said problems. If there are, wait until Slack’s board is all green and strive again. 

You can test Slack’s reputation web page to see if there may be a hassle with the provider.

4. Clear Slack’s Data cache

Clear Slack's Data cache

If your Slack app has corrupted data in its cache, it may display blurry images, interfering with your ability to use Slack properly.

On your laptop, visit the Slack app and click on the three-line menu in the pinnacle-left corner. Then select Help, followed by the option to use Troubleshooting. Then click the Clear Cache and Restart button. 

To clean the cache on an iPhone, uninstall the app and reinstall it from the App Store. If you have an Android phone, you can clean the app’s cache without getting rid of the app.

Launch the Settings app and select Apps. If necessary, tap “See all apps,” after which you tap “Slack.” Tap Storage & Cache, after which, sooner or later, tap Clear Storage. 

5. Turn off your VPN

There is a further component to test: do you operate a VPN? If so, this can interfere with Slack’s capacity to add and download documents speedily enough and may cause blurry pictures.

To test it, disable your VPN software program and normally hook up with the internet. 


Slack is no stranger to unexpected downtimes and errors. They even commenced 2021 with an outage, and plenty of customers globally were affected. Additionally, as agencies transfer to far-off work, the want for systems that include Slack increases. 

With extra than 10 million customers each day, it’s miles no wonder that Slack’s servers cross down occasionally. Although Slack’s crew is doing their high quality to keep their offerings running, downtimes aren’t acceptable, specifically for corporations and crew managers that rely on the service. 

If you’re analyzing this, it’s safe to expect that Slack isn’t always connecting to the net on your computer. So here are 5 of the best methods for removing blurry images in Slack.  I hope you like this post. Thank You!

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